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    How to play: Anagramful

    June 14, 2016

    A quick guide on how to play the addictive scrambled word game, Anagramful. Anagramful can be played alone, cooperatively with a partner, or competitively against an opponent.


    1. Objective of the game
    2. How to enter guesses
    3. Game modes
    4. Scoring
    5. Strategy, tips and tricks

    Objective of the game

    Each puzzle will have a scrambled word as shown on the right. The objective is to find all words three (3) letters or longer hidden in the scramble before time runs out.

    In this particular example, you can unscramble all five letters in HLEOL to form the word HELLO. You can also form the word HOLE using the first four letters of the scramble. HOE is another, and so on.

    How to enter guesses

    Enter your guesses by either clicking the tiles directly in the puzzle and clicking the check mark button after each guess, or typing the words using the keyboard and pressing Enter.

    Game modes

    Survival: Complete as many puzzles as possible alone or with a partner before letting time run out. The clock resets at the beginning of each new puzzle. You are also offered hints to help you along the way. Click on a blank tile in the puzzle grid to use a hint.

    Battle: Find as many words hidden in the puzzle faster than your opponent. Highest score after time runs out or after all the words have been found wins. See Scoring for details on how the game is scored. Hints are not available in this mode.

    Duplicate: Score higher than other players (or teams if playing with a partner) that have played or will play the same puzzle elsewhere. Hints are not available in this mode.


    Points for words: Every letter revealed is worth 1 point. If the revealed word uses all the letters in the scramble, 2 bonus points are awarded. In Survival mode, revealed letters from hints do not count towards the score of the word.

    Points for time: In Survival mode, every ten (10) seconds remaining on the clock after the puzzle has been solved adds 1 bonus point to your score. In Duplicate mode, every second remaining adds 1 bonus point. There are no time bonuses in Battle mode.

    Strategy, tips and tricks

    • The words in the puzzle grid are grouped by length, and then displayed in alphabetical order. Use this to your advantage to figure out what letters are in the missing words without having to use a hint.
    • Guess frequently and don't be afraid to make up words. If you are stuck, chances are the word that sounds like it could be a word is a correct answer. There is no penalty for an incorrect guess.
    • Don't forget to use your hints in Survival mode. Use them often and early when you are stuck so you don't leave any unused should you run out of time.
    • Use the shuffle button, or manually sort the tiles in the puzzle by dragging-and-dropping to give you a different perspective of the scramble if you get stuck. Manual sorting is available to full subscribers.
    • Play a lot of Anagramful if you want to improve your vocabulary and skill in other word games like Scrabble. Anagramful will expand and ingrain your 3-letter and 4-letter word lists in your memory, and also will improve your ability to form anagrams of any word length. Full subscribers can also find out the definition of a word by hovering over it in the puzzle grid.

    The completed puzzle from the example:

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