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    How to play: Talk About

    August 14, 2017

    This guide may also be found by selecting "Help" in the main menu of the mobile app.

    This game is playable on mobile devices by downloading the app through the Android Play Store.

    Talk About is for 2 players.

    The game ends when a player reaches 30 points.

    The game requires players to talk out loud about chosen topics. Ensure your device's microphone and voice recognition engine are enabled for best results.


    Each turn, the current player chooses between two topics.

    The player talks about the chosen topic for 20 seconds, trying to reveal as many of the 10 hidden clues.

    Every revealed clue is worth 1 point.

    Double Down

    At the end of 20 seconds, the player may choose to keep the points or double down.

    If the player keeps the points, it becomes the opponent's turn to choose a new topic.

    If the player doubles down, the opponent gets 5 seconds to reveal one of the remaining hidden clues.

    If the opponent succeeds, the opponent steals the points and the player gets nothing.

    If the opponent fails, the player gets double the points.

    After the double down has been resolved, it becomes the opponent's turn to choose a new topic.

    Prior to the double down decision, the player may secretly look at the missed clues.

    If the player reveals all 10 clues, there is no double down decision and the player earns 20 points.

    Bonus Round

    The winner of the game may choose to play the bonus round.

    In the bonus round, the topic is hidden and clues are revealed one at a time. The winner has 20 seconds to reveal the hidden topic.

    Voice Accuracy

    Talk About uses your device's offline voice recognition engine. If not available, a built-in voice recognition engine is used.

    Voice recognition software is not perfect. Some words may be incorrectly recognized resulting in inaccurate gameplay.

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